Orientation & Information

Help for refugees

The city of Meschede and Mayor Christoph Weber welcome all refugees and people seeking protection.

"Meschede is a cosmopolitan town," says Mayor Weber, "we are happy that you have come to us. At the same time, we want to help you find your way around and settle in well."

After your arrival in our city, various offers of support are available to you. Many things are still under construction. Therefore, the information you find here can change quickly. We ask you to inform yourself regularly and to visit this page.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and also the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration have compiled information in Ukrainian and Russian, which we link to here. This information contains tips and information for helpers and mediators in German.

First steps in Meschede

If you have arranged your own accommodation, the following applies:

The first step is to register as a resident at the citizens' registration office (Bürgerbüro) of the town of Meschede. You do not need to make an appointment, registration is possible during regular opening hours. Please bring your passport and, if available, birth and marriage certificates.

When you register at the Citizens' Registration Office, a copy of your passport will automatically be sent to the Aliens' Registration Office of the Hochsauerlandkreis. You will then receive an invitation from there to apply for a residence title. You do not have to go to the Aliens' Registration Office in person at first. Please wait for the invitation. Due to the high number of cases, this may take several weeks.

Please note: When you have had your first appointment at the Aliens' Registration Office, you will be issued with a so-called fictitious certificate. Only when you have this and it contains a work permit are you allowed to work in Germany.

If you have no financial means and are in need of assistance, make an appointment with the Social Welfare Office to apply for benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act. You do not have to appear in person to make an appointment. Contact Tel.: 0291 205 215 Mail: asyl@meschede.de

If you do not yet have a flat, please contact the Ordnungsamt:

Contact Anja Eckert Tel.: 0291 205 296

Bus & Train

Recipients of social benefits can purchase a discounted subscription for bus and rail in the Hochsauerlandkreis. There are two MobiTickets to choose from:

- For the town or municipality in which you live: 27.00 euros.

- For the entire home district: 37.00 euros

Currently: There is a trial subscription campaign until November 2022. The minimum contract period for the MobiTicket has been reduced to three months.

- With the MobiTicket you can use all buses and local trains within the area of validity of your ticket.

- For further routes, there are connection tickets at a significantly reduced price (from the bus driver or from ticket machines).

- The MobiTicket allows you to take one additional adult and three children up to and including the age of 14 with you on weekdays from 7 p.m., and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

- The MobiTicket is non-transferable (only valid for the person printed on it).

- The MobiTicket is debited from your account at the beginning of each month (sign the SEPA direct debit mandate!).

- When you place a new order, you will be sent up to 3 tickets. After that, tickets are sent out quarterly, i.e. up to 3 tickets each in March, June, September and December.

Which buses and trains can be used with the MobiTicket?

All buses and local trains within the ticket's area of validity.

Which buses and trains can NOT be used with the MobiTicket?

Long-distance trains (ICE, IC, EC, Flixtrain FLX) and long-distance buses (Flixbus, Eurolines, BlaBlaBus).

Can I still use local public transport free of charge with a Ukrainian ID card?

No. Since 1 June, the offer to use local public transport free of charge with a Ukrainian identity document is no longer valid.


Help portal of the Federal Ministry for Displaced Persons from Ukraine

Have you fled the war in Ukraine? Welcome to Germany. Do you need information and assistance, accommodation or medical care? We want to be your first digital contact point for a good start in Germany. This website will be expanded step by step.

Click here>>

Further information

For general information from the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees click here >>

You can find a "Handbook for Germany" when you click here>>

Refugees fleeing from the war in the Ukraine can find additional information here>>

Supply and basic equipment

Die Truhe - Caritas Meschede

Handing out clothes to refugees

Kampstraße 16 59872 Meschede Tel.: 0291 9022880

Opening hours: Tuesdays: 14:30 to 17:00 Fridays: 9:30 to 12:00 First Saturday of the month: 10:30 to 13:00

aki-Diakonie Ruhr-Hellweg

Wednesday: 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. aki-Open Meeting and Adventure Playground Lanfertsweg 21                                                                        

59872 Meschede Tel: 0291 4715 aki@diakonie-ruhr-hellweg.de


Financial means

If you have no financial means and are in need of assistance, make an appointment with the Social Welfare Office to apply for benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act. You do not need to attend in person to make an appointment. Contact Tel.: 0291 205 215 Mail: asyl@meschede.de

Counselling centres

Counselling & Assistance Communal Integration Centre

Case management in the KIM municipalities as a way of providing long-term counselling and support for individuals and families. The following integration services are offered: - CM accompanies/supports newly immigrated people on site - conducts cross-jurisdictional individual case counselling/referral counselling of newly immigrated people, taking into account the individual life situation and needs.

Contact: Yeşim Schulte HOCHSAUERLANDKREIS-Kommunales Integrationszentrum E-mail: yesim.bercin@hochsauerlandkreis.de

Available Mondays to Fridays at the Meschede town hall.

Consulting from the Diakonie Ruhr Hellweg

Diakonie Ruhr Hellweg

The refugee counselling service of the Diakonie Ruhr Hellweg is aimed at people with unsecured residence status, newly arrived refugees and refugees who are minors. Psychologically vulnerable and traumatised refugees also find support and accompaniment with us. We prepare them for the asylum procedure, clarify questions about family reunification, help with the recognition of foreign qualifications or the search for language courses.

Psychosocial counselling for refugees Counselling in asylum procedures and all aspects of the right of residence Counselling in questions of social law Support in questions of school and training Promotion of self-help initiatives Information events Women's courses and conversation courses Training in the right of asylum and residence Support for unaccompanied minor refugees who have come of age in the meantime Complaint management

We provide advice on all aspects of residence and asylum, family reunification, advice on social law issues, support with school and training issues and offer psychosocial counselling.

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 09:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Diakonie Ruhr-Hellweg e.V. - Refugee Counselling Meschede Carina Hesse Schützenstr. 4 59872 Meschede Tel.: 0291 52207 Mobile: 0151 14618900

Migration Counselling German Red Cross

The migration counselling service of the German Red Cross (DRK Soziale Dienste Meschede gGmbH) is aimed at people with a secure residence - thus also at all Ukrainians. We work closely with the Diakonie Refugee Advisory Service and help with issues such as:

Mediation to offices and authorities Support with problems of all kinds Applications, forms and official mail Financial questions and social benefits Finding language and integration courses Health care Recognition of certificates and educational qualifications Vocational further education, retraining Cooperation in municipal networks for a needs-based integration offer.


DRK Soziale Dienste Meschede gGmbH Refugee counselling Heike Feldhege Hünenburgstraße 92 59872 Meschede Tel: 0178 32 909 45 E-mail: mbe@drk-meschede.de

E-mail: heike.feldhege@drk-meschede.de

Caritas Counselling & Assistance

Counselling for families with refugee experience Caritas counselling centre for parents, children and young people

Questions about upbringing, family life, development, psychological stress, etc. Interpreter available

Contact: Caritas Willemein de Rudder Registration with Wiebke Rudolph Tel.: 0291-9021131 E-mail: w.rudolph@caritas-meschede.de

Funding Applications for exceptional hardship cases for children and young people: Aktion Lichtblicke

Contact Michael Rosenkranz Tel.: 0291 9021155 E-mail: m.rosenkranz@caritas-meschede.de

Consultation from the HWK on placement in skilled crafts professions

The Chamber of Skilled Crafts of South Westphalia is now offering free counselling for Ukrainian refugees.

During this counselling, information on vocational qualifications, work experience and language skills is recorded and possibilities for taking up employment are discussed. An initial assessment of the vocational qualification from Ukraine for a craft reference occupation in Germany completes the counselling offer.

The results of the counselling are recorded in a document to facilitate a targeted job application. With the result, craft enterprises can gain an initial impression of the occupations in which applicants from Ukraine have been trained and what professional experience they bring with them.

If desired, a further appointment can be made for individual recognition counselling in order to submit an application for a formal recognition procedure.

The counselling and the check on foreign professional qualifications can help Ukrainian refugees to apply for the right jobs and supports the job centres' placement activities.

Ukrainian refugees can make an appointment together with their escort and/or language mediator. The welcome pilot of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts, Udo Linnenbrink, is looking forward to hearing from them.

Contact person:

Udo Linnenbrink, Welcome Helper

Chamber of Skilled Crafts South Westphalia

Brückenplatz 1 59821 Arnsberg

Telephone: +49 2931 877 - 372

E-mail: udo.linnenbrink@hwk-swf.de

Online Counselling Service mbeon

mbeon provides digital information for adult immigrants in Germany.

With this project, a digital service was developed that offers those seeking advice the opportunity to take advantage of chat counselling via the mbeon app: free of charge, anonymous and data secure. At the same time, extensive information on migration is provided in the app and on this website as an initial orientation aid.

Education & School

School registration

Do you have any questions about school registration?

Please contact Mrs. Kitsaki

Tel.: 0160 1708924

Mail: maria.kitsaki@meschede.de



Bridge support for students from Ukraine

With the support of the Budde Foundation, the University of Applied Sciences South Westphalia is setting up the "Bridge Grant for Students from Ukraine". The programme supports acutely endangered students with Ukrainian citizenship. The programme is aimed at students who are enrolled at a Ukrainian university and now wish to continue their studies in Germany. The special programme is intended to enable them to make a secure transition to studying at the FH Südwestfalen. Up to 10 grants are available.

Further information>>

German courses - VHS Hochsauerlandkreis

You are new in Germany and would like to learn German? VHS Hochsauerlandkreis offers various German courses. For further information please contact us.

Contact person : Inga Bramane Tel.: 0291-941149 E-Mail: bramane@vhs-hsk.de

Babbel language learning app

Free access to language courses for refugees from Ukraine

Babbel is making its language learning app accessible to refugees from Ukraine for free. Courses in Ukrainian for the learning languages German, Polish and English are already in development. You can find more info here: >>

Meeting points

Meeting places in Meschede

Various initiatives in Meschede offer opportunities for encounters as a means of support. These offers are constantly being expanded.

International meeting with breakfast for people with a migration background

We meet once a month from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. in the Protestant parish hall at the Christuskirche, Schützenstraße 4, in Meschede (1st floor above the refugee counselling centre of the Diakonie) for a cosy get-together and to get to know each other. All people with a migration background who have been living in Meschede for a short or long time are invited.

aki children's and youth centre - Diakonie Ruhr-Hellweg e.V.

We are here for children!

For children from 6 - 14 years Monday - Friday from 14:00 until 19:00

Children can

build their own huts in the building area play in the playground, the outdoor area and in the house make fire at the fireplace play football and basketball romp, build, do handicrafts, paint... build the most amazing things in the workshop meet with friends listen to music and dance cook in the kitchen or at the fireplace

Additional activities:

Weekly girls' get-together Sports activities Changing activities in the kitchen and workshop Trips and excursions Holiday camps Cooperation partner for schools and other educational institutions

All activities are open to everyone. And every child can have a say in what is done. As a rule, all activities are free of charge. Diakonie Ruhr-Hellweg e.V. - aki - Open Meeting Place and Adventure Playground Lanfertsweg 21 59872 Meschede, Germany

aki - Open meeting place and adventure playground Lanfertsweg 21 59872 Meschede

Encounter meeting at Café Pan

Open meeting place at PAN for people from Ukraine and their contacts.

Monday: 15:00 to 18:00 Wednesday: 09:00 to 12:00

Stiftsplatz 10 59872 Meschede

Medical care

Emergency call

Fire brigade/rescue service/emergency doctor: 112

Police: 110

Ambulance service: 0291 19222

Bonn Poison Control Centre: 0228 19240


Medical assistance

Medical on-call service: Tel.: 116 117 Mon-Fri: 18:00-08:00 Wed & Fri: 13:00- 08:00 Sat, Sun & public holiday: 08:00 - 08:00 the following day


Information on the coronavirus

Keep your distance, wear a mask, ventilate regularly: On this page you will find some information on infection protection as a download. You can also find out how a Covid 19 vaccination works and where you can get vaccinated.

Info >>

Mental aid

Women's counselling Meschede

In the Meschede Women's Counselling Centre we offer counselling, information and support to all women in difficult situations.

situations counselling, information and support. Our counselling is

free of charge, is subject to confidentiality and can be provided anonymously if desired.


We are your contact for

Life crises Relationship and partnership problems Separation and divorce Psychological problems Loss and grief Eating disorders Difficulties as a lesbian woman Physical and psychological violence Domestic violence Sexual harassment Stalking Rape and abuse Placement in a women's shelter Problems at work/bullying


How to register

If you speak German or English

Phone: 0291 52171

Kolpingstraße 18, Meschede


If you speak a language other than German or English:


Counselling can take place with the help of an interpreter.

First Aid for the Soul | Trauma Pedagogical Counselling

In the last few days you have had a lot of stressful experiences. You had to leave your home and perhaps your family. These are moments of high stress that are sometimes just "too much" and "unbearable". Once you arrive in a place of safety, your body begins to process the experiences and symptoms such as re-experiencing, anxiety, insomnia or emotional chaos can set in. Through one-to-one counselling sessions, you have the opportunity to learn methods of self-soothing that help to do something about your mood. Pleasant activities and mindfulness exercises help to reduce physical tension.

Please call 02932/898 77 03 or send an email to beratung@frauen-hsk.de for a personal consultation.

Language mediators are available if required.

Eva Daub (Consultant for Psychotraumatology)

Online offers

Ipso Care: Welcome to Ipso-care, the psychosocial online counselling service >>

Crisis chat via whatsapp for ukrainians >>


Leisure and sport

Playing football with the Torfabrik Meschede

The Torfabrik Meschede is a football team for people with and without disabilities. The Torfabrik invites girls and boys from Ukraine from the age of 12 to join in. It doesn't matter how well you can play. The focus is on having fun together and being fair.

Always on Monday from 17:00 - 19:00 Dünnefeldstadion, Dünnefeldweg 14 in Meschede.

Contact: Sebastian Nöckel Tel.: 0176 73244795


Project Home:Music - First brass lessons in small groups

Whether pupils, parents or senior citizens - anyone interested of any nationality is invited to learn a brass instrument together in small groups. This offer is free of charge. If you are interested, please contact the administration of the music school: 0291 94-1580 Rehearsals will take place weekly on Tuesdays at 5.45 p.m. at the HSK Music School, Schützenstraße 8, 59872 Meschede.

Intercultural Ensemble

Music is as diverse as our languages. Let us find each other through our language and our music and make music together. If you are interested, please contact the administration of the music school: 0291 94-1580 Rehearsals will take place fortnightly on Tuesdays at 6.30 pm from 6 September at the HSK Music School, Schützenstraße 8, 59872 Meschede. This offer is free of charge.

Intercultural Choir

Music has always played a major role in our lives.

It not only connects people with each other, but also brings together different cultures that find their common language in music.

The Intercultural Choir of the HSK Music School cordially invites you, dear friends of music, to become a part of this big wonderful musical family.

The following dates will take place after the summer holidays in a 14-day rhythm, alternately on Fridays (from 18-19:30) and Saturdays (from 11-12:30) at the Music School Meschede

Place of rehearsals: HSK Music School, Schützenstrasse 8, 59872 Meschede.

in the attic. The choir is free of charge.

Translating and interpreting

Translations and language mediation by the Communal Integration Centre Hochsauerlandkreis

Language mediator pool

Linda Becker

Phone: 02931 94 415 1

E-mail: linda.becker@hochsauerlandkreis.de